International Protest Expert

International Protest Expert

Every business should choose a name for its products that people look for the product brand to buy and recognize the product

The basis of any activity is choosing a brand and registering its brand to prevent copying by others
But if the name is registered incorrectly, MollaSadra experts will immediately inform the real owner of the mark and brand and we will not allow the brand to be registered as a copy
We are your advisor and lawyer to prevent anyone from registering your registered or even unregistered brand
Each brand or trademark is registered in two stages. The first stage has a 30-day protest period so that if a person or company objects to the registration of this name, the name will not be registered, and our experts will inform the real owners exactly during these 30 days to make the necessary protests. Otherwise, if the brand is registered, it can no longer be revoked with a simple objection and must be taken to court
MollaSadra is also a consultant to non-Iranians around the world who, although not present in Iran, but Mollasadra does not allow their brand to be copied and used

Specialist expert : Ms.pourhoseini

Tell: 09129589509


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